Period Sex

topic posted Wed, September 7, 2011 - 2:27 AM by  alex
Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on period sex. Have done it a few times.
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New Jersey
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    I not only enjoy fucking chicks during their period, but I also like to lick up their blood.
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    Love pierod sex the wetter the better, Janie any time babe ?I would love to lick and suck you till you cum all over me and then I will take you and give you mine
    • mmmmmm . . . . too bad you were'nt here right now . . . . you could have your wish . . . . tell you what, i'm horny as hell, so hubby gets some tonite lol
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    I have had wonderful experiences and find it an intimate bonding... Oral is just a delight as I sub to her or let her revel in the kink of us.
  • My wife and girlfriend love it that I love having sex during their flow. It feels so good.
    • Screwing on the rag was one of my most favorite things to do back in the day when I was into chicks.
      Actually was the only times I preferred the front over the back hole.
      Heard so many times, "I can't, I'm having my period." Persuaded them all into doing the deed.
      Next thing they knew, their legs were around my neck and they were screaming in pleasure.
      Nothing like finishing up with a red mustoush, to compliment my bloody crotch, to give me a 2nd boner.
      Would go into the bathroom, staring in the mirror, had to beat that bloody dong while licking my lips.
      • The first pussy I ever eat was during the period it had real flavor it was great. A girl friend that I use to have was at her hornest when she was on her period that when she wanted to fuck for hours. Also used tampons and napkins are fun to suck on and play with, I personally have quite a collection from several different women.
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        Very hot response...triggered an instant bone remembering looking in the mirror at my cum-crusty face the morning after, this time tinged red. Took my morning piss and went back for more; waking her to show how she marked me. What a ride we had that morning as it triggered a reaction that caused a flood!
  • a girl on her period is the only time I can do something with a girl for some reason, perhaps im into blood play and dont know it, but all I know is seeing a girl having her period turns me on like crazy, I have yet to try it though, would love to experience it.

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